We’re seeing a tremendous rise in the needs for data and heightened

experience across every industry;
our platform for insurers prioritizes both.

We Help You Give The Customer Journey

Being a wellness-driven, customer-centric platform, we provide your policyholders with meaningful, engaging interactions on a daily basis.

Then We Give You The Data

Incentivizing them towards a healthier lifestyle with objectives, goals and rewards, we collect and actively assess the data throughout their upward progress.

How We Do It

High Integration

Compatible with both IOS and Android devices, our platform integrates with any wearables available in the market for added policyholder assessment mechanisms.

Health-Tech Behavioral Analysis

By combining machine learning and pattern recognition in alignment with policyholder behavior, we harness a clear view of user lifestyle and choices.

Rumble ID 

Our many tools of assessment allow us to leverage an automated accumulation of personalized, hyper-detailed data components about each and every policyholder to keep track of their progress.

User Centricity

We prioritize the policyholder’s journeyed progress with your company; greater guidance towards a healthy lifestyle filled with positive experiences reinforces their long-term loyalty to your brand.


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