Rumble For


Your Culture, Redefined.

Beyond the desire to connect with their role, your employees have a growing need

need to feel valued to stimulate their feeling of belonging.

Creating Community

A healthy workplace culture thrives on commonalities; the health and wellness of your employment body driven by gamified competitions, activities and rewards will make your employees look forward to coming to work.

Their Career Fulfillment Is Your Opportunity

Partnering with us to transform your workplace into an all-inclusive, health-driven environment will lead your employees to achieve higher levels of productivity and synergy amongst each other, while giving you a wide range of data on their shared interests and commonalities.

How We Do It

High Integration

Compatible with both IOS and Android devices, our platform integrates with any wearables your employees may wear for added wider assessment mechanisms.

Health-Tech Behavioral Analysis

By combining machine learning and pattern recognition in alignment with employee behavior, we harness a clear view of user lifestyle and choices.

Rumble ID 

Our many tools of assessment allow us to leverage an automated accumulation of personalized, hyper-specific data components about each and every employee.

User Centricity

We prioritize your employee’s journeyed progress within your company; greater guidance towards a healthy lifestyle filled with positive experiences reinforces their long-term loyalty to your brand.


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